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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Skin from Skunk Anansie

More goodies 4 the easily-influenced
(haha i'm devil's advocate!) More
devilish videos....

this shit keeps me awake when i
need 2....

whoa.....don't YOU wanna b a punk
2? Treasure the punk ethos bitches....

Listen 2 the lyrics ( nah just the
anthem) : "God licks YOUR face,
just like YOUR dog."
One word nigga: fuck..........
This is y i dun bother with
mainstream crap.......
I think we need concerts like these
here. The ones near Cineleisure just
don't do it enough for me u know?

anywayz, yups.......

I MUST n WILL get this song eventually!!!!

I want the second part of this song
very very badly. Gonna get it soon.
I'll let u know if i don't. Aaarrgghhh!

Bored. Don wan 2 watch my free
online movies. Can't wait 2 ball
tomorrow (whine, whine, whine..)

Guess i'll entertain myself drawing
portraits of Rainie Yang. ( Nice poses

I miss my drugdealing days.....hahahaha!
i'm just playing....:p

Friday, June 29, 2007


Did i mention that i
didn't club? Heres
something 2 make
up 4 it.....Kelis without
the Neptunes...Woot!

Some more....

I so want 2 play ball.......:(

My Room feels like a spaceship!!!!!

Nuff' said.

This song's so good i had 2
add another version...excuse

I'm sure everybody's seen
THIS one...

old stories yo

When i was still in the Dirty
South, (Ok, i studied in
SCAD in Savannah, Georgia,
Forrest Gump land. Happi?)
this was the only MV that i
thought stood out among all
the gangster rap, hardcore
hip-hop shit. Is cool yo, if u
went 2 hell and back and
watched this u'll probably
know what i mean.
Incidentally, some of the
places in Savannah look
exactly like that in the MV.
(Or mayb its just the whole

This MV had the "Welcome 2
America, hope u enjoy your
stay here!" vibe written all
over its face! Of course, life
there ( i didn't mention school!)
proved 2 b VERY educational for
good little ol'me, as time proved
later on. And after that,
i went n bought Mary J.Blige's
"My Life". U go girl!
Listen 2 that if u feel
constantly suicidal. It helps.

The ONLY other MV that
stuck in my head as much as
this one was a Tupac baby.
(That straight-up G-Pimp???)
Thas right, i was sleeping in
the college loungeroom when
the tv decided 2 play this on
their BET channel.

Thas when i discovered Mr. Amaru
wasn't just another common thug

And THIS is the one they oughta
play in clubs as much as lets say
"My Humps".

This was the one that got me
into the Neptunes who
produced music for Kelis,
Justin Timberlake (er..),
Jay-Z....blah blah...About
70 percent of music
production was done by
them at some point in the
charts according to
Wikipedia. Sheet....gimme
some money pls?.....

Makes me wanna go Brazil...

This one's more unrelated 2
the rest. But its Brazilian (Biatch!)
so heads up!

damn that girl in green looks
like Bjork!

Mayb when i'm in the writing
mood again i'll talk about
New York and Chinatown.
The monster city that
inspired Silent Hill's
subway horror monstrosities,
True Crime New York n mayb
even Grand Theft Auto San

Ok, i'll shut up now.....

Ramble on my nigga...

So i was having dinner in the
tv room at 5am and lo and
behold, Gundam (1979) was
on the anime channel. How
nice, one of those pure old
schools that keep u on edge
and make u want 2 smoke.
I remember when i was a
kid all my elder brother and
cousin could talk about and
collect were Gundam toys.
But that shouldn't be a
secret for most people
nowadays with all the
toyshops littering around
the shopping centres.

And since we're talking
about Yoshiyuki Tomino's
(the creator...) baby here,
y not talk about his
bloodiest baby of all, Space
Runaway Ideon. I'll come
clean on this one i never
watched it. (Haha! But its
on crunchyroll!!!) But
word on the grapevine is
that this anime was the
inspirational precursor of
End of Evangelion.
(Stressed out, Mr. Anno?)

It also cemented Mr. Tomino's
reputation of killing off ALL
his characters, establishing
the moniker of "Kill'em all
Tomino". Wow..imagine
having a callsign like that.
(Hey lets ask Kill'em all
Tomino out for lunch!
Rest of the group: Party
atmosphere dies

Like i said, in the Ideon
movie, EVERYBODY dies
and the whole universe
dies too. (How much
further can u go?) Let me
cut the crap and show u
what i'm talking about.

keep a lookout for the kid
at 2:14 (Whoa! This ain't
Cartoon Network kiddo!!)
Thank god for freedom of
expression for anime in

Another tidbit here. Even
the ROBOT dies too.
(Nooo....i love robots...)

Last one celebrating life
in this anime as we know
it. Its really a nice piece
of work 2 watch if u want
2 get away from reality
sometimes (did i mention
that i haven't watched it?)
And since most people
watched End of Eva already,
this is the next perfect piece
to recommend. (If u haven't
watched Eva or End of Eva
i suggest u get your pathetic
weak-willed butt off your
seat and go get a copy! Or
watch it free on youtube or
something. This is living
history we're talking about!)

The good news is (hehe..)
even though everything is
destroyed (vacuum, limbo,
byebyeland.) A new universe
is born after that and all the
dead souls (ghosts???..sheeet!)
get to watch it. i
detect a Star Trek moment
here? Or maybe even a Star
Control 2 moment here......
wow....i feel the romantic
rush all over.....must be the
Enigma music i'm listening

I'm lucky watching anime
didn't turn me into a 24/7
geek otaku. That would b
bad. I wouldn't be able 2
chase girls whenever i want
2 and have 2 go watch
Densha Otoko periodically
for some "boy picks-up
girl" advice. Sheesh......
I seem 2 b going out in the
sun more while the rest of
the teenage world is having
random orgasms with anime
like Naruto, Bleach, Full-Metal
Alchemist...blah blah blah....
Thank God i'm also away from
all the old school stuff 2.
Obsessing about that your
whole life can practically kill
u. Life moves on! And i need
2 makes my owns babies 2.

anywayz, thats all folks!

No machina

When i don't go clubbing 2
often i go to the above link
and watch the "You don't
wanna" video (Hi) under
Real Media file. Its a real
pacifier. N y dun i club 2
often u may ask? Cos i've
been 2 tired from all the
late night joggings and
shit. Need it 4 my ballgame
nigga i can't live without
some ball. What u expect
me 2 draw 24/7 and hope
2 produce magic everyday.
i'm no machina.

Happy Together!!!!

My favourite scene? The hotel argument
scene. Last 2 mins. Biatch!!!!!!!!Lol!!!!

I'm still ASIAN!!!!Heres my proof!!!!

My favourite Stephen Chow movie. hehehe.

Brown Punk

Hope this movie comes out soon
i doubt it'll show in local theatres.
They did show Dancer in the Dark
in 2001 but thats a different story.
I'll just console myself with the
incoming Takeshi Kitano movies
from Amazon. I await with bated

Oh the movie's (whole label's)

nigga=never ignorant getting goals

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I watch this 2 laugh my head off.......oh n smoke 2!

Stoned but cool....

Quasimodo speaks!!!!

Man i dun want to mind other
people's business for nothing.
And i know the bottom photo is a
poor example for a comparison
(damn u, what a sellout!)
But these 2 niggaz got the same
look. ( Look at the eyes man look
at the eyes.) Sheesh...this nigga
rests his case. ( Fuck this shit!
i can't even get a decent portrait
photo of the worm what m i
supposed 2 do go get NBA live
'95 again and chop it up in2
little pieces and get that damn
portrait? Fuck this shit!! Biatch!)

Jordan: No worm! Dun kill
Alonzo!!! We still need u
b4 u foul out!!!!

Ooops...Sorry if this pic makes
u wanna harm
intended. Fashion statement yo!

Too young too soon.....

Died at 25. A year younger than me.
Lucky my homie got like trillions
of songs in his back catalogue so
his family can still churn out
albums 10 years after he choked! Talk
about artistic stagnation bitch! Biggie
Smalls is pretty dope 2. But THIS
guy raps like he shooting a AK-47.
Most people already know him
and dun need this stupid introduction
so i'll shut up 4 now. Next year i'll b
Kurt Cobain's death age. Hope i make
it past 27. LOL........I've got lots of shit
2 do left Biatch!

Damn people like him dun exist
in my homeland......thank god
4 the music.

RIP homie. Theres definitely
a ghetto in heaven......

Longest Post Ever

Never thought i would b blogging in
my entire life. 2 years ago when i
first discovered this entity i was
still snorting coagulated dust in my
lonesome apartment in a land far
far away (n getting high~!) And
saying hello 2 the drug dealers
and beggars in the street!
(haha tat sounded good!)

Anywayz, i think the Asian music
industry really needs 2 buck up.
Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai ain't
good enough 2 conquer the global
lands. In my opinion, we need an
Asian " Kate Bush ". (Dadawa is
the closest but nah she ain't
producing the music) The only
Chinese artist i listen 2 is Zhang
Xun (Who?) She's a Taiwanese
acoustic folk singer about my age
(how nice..) But she's influenced
by Neil Young and Nirvana. (But
who cares?)

What i'm really getting at is...we
need some REAL refreshing Asian
music around. Full of originality
and all that bullcrap. Know what
i'm saying. Dun ask me 2 do it! I'm
no David Lynch! Somebody else
gotta take over! Be the man!!
Thank god for hip-hop or we
might b stranded in corporate
bespectacled hell for all eternity.

Yups, thats my grief with the world
thus far. But have no fear, i got
presents for all y'all. Wanna watch
Asian dramas, movies, anime and
music videos for free? Go to
Thats right, youtube ain't so hot
no more. If u're clever, u'll give me
a good hug and merrily be on your
way 2 free videoland ( no more
buying dvds, vcds y'all!!) If u're
stupid, u'll report the site to the
respective authorities and shut
it down (bitch!) So sue me, i'm
poor anyway~! LOL~!!!!

Back 2 this blog again, how nice
now i dun have 2 flood my
friendster media box with all
that media bullcrap and risk
fucking up my firefox! Hah!

Did i mention i made some
Polish friends from deviantart?
Simple, just draw some nice pics
from their arty photos and bam!
U's their friend for life (i think..)
I even get free work 2!( look at all
those nudes so far...)
Beats drawing the same imaginative
shit i have 2 come up with everyday.
what a struggle. no enjoyment. Wow.
Poland. Closest thing i can associate
Poland with is Adolf Hitler. Ignorant
bum.......Nice photos though. Show me
some LOVE~~!!!!!!

Longest post ever. Will try 2 beat the
record next time. Its like 5:34am now.
Like i give a fuck. Signing out like a

Blogging is a real safe activity. Cos
all u see is words. (beeautiful......)
In real life i'm probably an axe-murderer.
Killing girls like Alan Moore's Jack
the Ripper from "From Hell".

Timesists Watch Out!!!!

Tog or jieb~!!!!

Don't b a timesist (did i spell
that right?) bitches.......


My backgrounds so black, its gonna drive away all the nice people around the net. Oh well....Damn nigga, i'm practically a virgin at blogging, pls don't break the barrier ...(hahahaha!!!)...Anyway, guys should watch this movie. It can help u get all the bitches u want ( Well i dun have any yet cos i didn't watch it to get bitches really...U MUST believe me!!!)

That Obscure Object of Desire
It actually advocates hitting women!!! (WHOA! But tell me something i REALLY don't know!)Or u could b a nice guy like Tupac Shakur and rap about killing men for the women in "Keep Your Head Up"!!! Unfortunately, my nigga got charged
4 rape b4 (framed??????) so 2 each his own. Don't ask me which i prefer. ( i haven't done either yet haha!!!!! Niggaz u ain't got shit on MOI~!!!)

Another excuse to feel young again

I'm a writer, not a blogger.
Unfortunately, blogging is a
excuse to write. So until i can find
a good story to
write and draw about,
this is gonna be the place where
unload all my shit. I might write
weird crap every now
and then, but
that ain't no biggie. U should see
with Lee "Scratch" Perry
(Bob Marley's friend, thats right!

BOB MARLEY!!!). That guy makes
me sound sane and normal.

So word up my niggas.