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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Its done.

I'll b at the Singapore Toys and Games, Comics Convention again this

year on Sat, Aug 20, 4 pm. The Harris bookshop Planerds Booth. :)

Not paying for my own too expensive.

Oh and i finally watched Aaron Kwok in his Horrible Angel role in

Saviours of the Soul. Ah, childhood memories. Bad guys rule.

And i finished the comic. yay?

color cover pg and the usual content pg n i'm set!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sighz...What r u really afraid of?

I DID play with u.

And u started the childhood comics thing first.

I just continued my own. U didn't.

Y is drawing comics such a taboo sin to u? Everybody's got a dream

whether its in real life or dream land. I'm suppose to give up and

follow everybody else? There r other people like me in this country....

3 years ago i thought i was all alone....jesus There is nothing wrong

in telling visual stories for entertainment. This country

just doesn't appreciate local stories thats all. Slave of the

big foreign powers.

I ain't backing down from the white man's world.

I only have ONE life, shouldn't i make it or break it?

EVERYBODY ELSE is playing safe i dun care about my peers

doing that.

This is my choice.

I'm not interested in the corporate world. Period. Unless they're

willing to market my comics world-wide. I've been a slave b4

already. 4get it. I got my own struggle.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

haha 3 Cheers for Elitism folks

tis is just in case i'm paranoid and overreacting.

A big beautiful house 4 all of u 2 die in.

mayb just 2 stress me out with hate this sunday

dunno wat 2 do, where 2 go. Dunno who 2 trust.

All i ever need is hate, hate, hate.

Hate is great. Thx.

If i had a choice i would leave instead of u and never come back ever.

P.S isn't my comics hateful enough? tats not even commercial..

i've already felt unwanted and orphaned long long ago.

i mean wat a waste of piano genes and movie, music buff genes as if anybody in this

house gave a fucking damn.

just hate me like a black man la,i think n feel like one all the time.

Once again, thx. N im still busting my ass everyday thank u. Dear God.

I should b the one leaving i'm much more accustomed 2 fear n y'all aren't.

Never ever really felt like a part of this place anyway.

its been a living tragedy living here w y'all.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

25 pages left

a fav song.

sang tis at ktv. god its a hard song 2 sing!