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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last batch of photos

I'm not like u moms, i won't scatter my ashes on top of
a hill in Penang.

I think i'll get my cousins 2 roll up my ashes like weed
and smoke them all away.

provided they outlast me of course...hehehe...

screw it lah! i dun even want a tomb, nobodys gonna
remember us.... that ain't no joke.

good movies. good work. go watch.

Friday, August 22, 2008


i feel alot better after watching this!


my favorite is 周伯通 and 傻姑!!!
杨过 very playa but i also like him alot!!!

can't stand 全真教 and 李莫愁
so fucking square cannot find love become
useless chauvinist. Kao peh Kao bu become asexual

郭靖 and 黄蓉 i also very pek chek.
Lousy-ass parents. Even 黄药师 also dun like them.

Moral of this story is:
Even if the whole world hate u, u must also
break tradition. Quickly learn 玉女心经 then will
never ever get bullied again! haha! Then
student, teacher hurry up get


haven't finished watching yet :p

msn concert!

will drink myself silly 2nite

Thursday, August 21, 2008

shoot em' all!!!!!

most adults are babies who

look like adults

shoot 2 kill~!!!!!

saying fuck on national television is like such a BIG deal

our moral fibre is like decaying with the rotworms and slugs

already. oooooo~!!!! time 2 reeducate~??????

Fuck u higher-class plenty dick available.





Aiyah all of u go n die lah


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

Next story gibberish

next story is...

once upon a time long long ago, A certain platoon in

a certain basic military training camp was having their

route march around the military island.

on this beautiful day, one recruit decided he was sick

and so stayed back in camp while the rest marched thru

jungle and hell all the way 2 the military stadium for

their passing out parade.

before this happened, the sick recruit half-way changed

his mind and actually went 2 join the route march the

next day.

so this particular thing happened in the depths of the

pretty jungle.

One guy decided 2 go pee during their marching break while the

whole platoon counted numbers to check the ranks. this bloody

sick recruit actually came back at this time and replaced the

peeing recruit. So the ranks was still unchanged.

Needless 2 say, the platoon left without the peeing soldier.

after the passing out parade (all recruits are now privates!yay!)

they found out about the peeing recruit and BIG TIME EMERGENCY

ALARM CALL! Even a helicoptor was despatched 2 look 4 him.

They finally found him in some part of the island jungle lying

on the ground vampire-style. Whole stomach gone with his organs

put neatly right next to him.

Murdered jack-the-ripper style. damn!!!!

moral of the story: if u're sick, stay sick!

army ghost stories rule........

oh yah excuse the lack of eloquence. i just woke up from


ghost cartoon right after the world war.

1985 version. I saw the ad for this one.

the 'now' version. Theres also one on the

animax channel right now.

my favorite ending.

some random episode.

halloween come soon....

i'm hungry, going 2 eat eggs again.

true story gibberish

so hor...

we were still in the army in charge of a certain army occupation.

one day in camp we had to practise opening and putting back the

rifle,(i think it was still m-16 back then) but anyway, the whole

platoon was like super sian and down (like u're supposed 2 have fun

in the first place) practising u-know-what in a certain school hall

in camp.

then suddenly out of nowhere, these two straydogs showed up,

looking at us playing robots with our guns.

And they went up on stage, still looking at us working

in front of our sergeants, and decided to

have sex on stage. Unfortunately,

because the whole platoon was so down and depressed

(i-want-2-go-home complex) not everybody was laughing

at the performance. But the couple minutes of dog humping

really gave some of us a funny impression.

moral of the story: Animals can't really talk but they r pretty good

jokers.I can't say the same for all humans.

watch this if u think theres gonna be no next world war.

u watched it? hahaha..fool. i tricked u!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008


5 days after coming back from Penang,

i still got minor environmental shock,

namely no more cows and goats!

no biggie...

sore throat go away pls!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Crave out of body

let souls go in2 otha bodies, ....coool....

this internet bullshit is so time-consuming...

do dead ppl go in2 babies??? sheet....

wanna cheat...

P.S Michael Jackson's "Bad" sounds pretty good

in the club. I was really impressed. End of report.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Paintball very painful ah!....

Lucky they brought me clubbing and got me drunk.

Saturday, August 2, 2008