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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Erm.....uttering new rubbish...

well um...know this....

story just came....(simple 10 minutes ago)

i just went shopping with u yesterday

and wa comes running 2 me in my head.

and i'm like what the fuck. 2 bad i dun believe in 4d..... this one is good.

damn....i was always so non blog gossipy in the

past....can't help it....i can't live without talking

sum love u all.....humans....

(...inserts dead silence here......) muacks.....

erm..i wish all clubs played hardcore metal.....

i'm sorri...but teen spirit is just not enuff...fools....

hip hop should just cut the ballads off and insert

mad guitar riffs.....but i'm just rambling...hehe....


Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm ready 2 comic!!!!!

Next one's coming, i promise. I'm excited, i can't wait.
Cliche yes, but damn thats how it is...

What do u expect, i almost gave up on American movies...
thank god theres still good stuff around. Yeah, yeah movie buff...

Anyway, we don't really know what we're doing here are we?
Even culture is like a speck of Earth dust when time falls, so
how much ego can a man have once he's aware of that?
I probably think all we ever live for is change.

blah blah blah! Good story come soon!!!!

Meet the Asian Addams Family!!!!

Invasion of the 14 eyes!!!!
Only the baby doesn't need specs. Case in point?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

If u're looking 4 hardcore music, this may b your cup of tea, now drink up!!!

what a voice


not 4 the weak of heart

music accompaniment 4 my drawings, yay me.

no, i'm not satanic.

Friday, June 6, 2008

This small town hasn't got room for my big feelings.

My art gallery! Yes i finally deserve one!

Honeymoon suite! No this is not my hotel room.

Wow....executive suite...graffiti!!! No gallery ppl!

Art gallerying my relative's house! MY house now! haha!
Hello Francis Bacon.

May i live forever!!!

graffiti graffiti graffiti.......graffiti art gallery!!!!!

Some fool blocked the tv screen and kevin garnett's face!!

U dun impress me!!!!!! I've seen worse!!!!! lol
Take that Franz Kafka!!!!!

little girl jumped around like a monkey b4 her mom took
her away. probably cus of the camera....

some hilary duff there isn't enough clones

I don't have to sell them to be ubiquitious!!!! Lol. Take
that Pablo Pic!!!!

Thanx 2 my cousin!! i got to graffiti my own art gallery!!!
Hah!!! Money!!! Very soon money will be obsolete but
i'll STILL get rich. LOL!

Taken in my mom's country of origin. Uzbekistan!!!!
Don't hit me!!!!!! LOL!

Theres actually islands around SEA called Male and Solo
City. B4 wikipediaing them i was like what the fuck....

I'll STFU now.

but seriously, good [war and hell] art always get me.
P.S its pouring urine outside right now....fuckers.....
i want 2 go out and jump around in the rain...haha...
no im not childish.

declare independence
don't let them do that to you (X2) [- justice-]

start your own currency
make your own stamp
protect your language [- justice -]

make your own flag (X4)
raise your flag (X6)

declare independence
don't let them do that to you (X2)

damn colonists
ignore their patronizing
tear off their blindfold
open their eyes

declare independence
don't let them do that to you (X2)

with a flag and a trumpet
go to the top
of your highest mountain

and raise your flag (X6)

declare independence
don't let them do that to you (X2)

raise the flag

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Living Dead Dolls

Promoting Living Dead Dolls. They should b bigger than Barbie n Ken.